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Flat Feet Specialist

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For some, flat feet cause no symptoms. However, in many cases, it can lead to irritation and pain in the foot or heel area. Luckily, the skilled team of podiatrists at Garden State Foot & Ankle Specialists, with locations in Plainfield, Scotch Plains, Springfield, and Linden, New Jersey, can effectively alleviate symptoms associated with flat feet. They can help provide relief with arch supports for shoes, stretching routines, or recommending a structurally supportive shoe. Set up an appointment today by calling the office nearest you or using the online booking tool.

Flat Feet Q & A

What are flat feet? 

Flat feet or fallen arches refers to a condition where the arches on the inside of your feet are flat. For those who have flat feet, the soles of their feet touch the floor when they stand up and walk. It’s a very common condition and is typically painless unless it worsens steadily over time and causes problems in your ankles and knees. 

The main issue with flat feet sufferers is that this condition can negatively impact the alignment of your legs. However, if your flat feet don’t cause you any pain or discomfort, there’s no reason to panic. All that means is that it’s probably a good idea to monitor it over time and if anything changes, you can seek out the team at Garden State Foot & Ankle Specialists for guidance. 

What causes flat feet? 

Children commonly deal with flat feet because the arch of a child’s foot doesn’t always develop early on. Typically, this development does occur at some point during childhood, but not for everyone. 

That’s not to say that the arch of your foot can’t flatten over time. It certainly can. In most cases, this is due to overuse or the progressive weakening of the tendon inside your foot that supports your arch. A variety of risk factors are at play when it comes to deciphering how your arch may have flattened over time. Some of these include: 

  • Aging
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Diet
  • Injury to your foot or ankle
  • Obesity

If your flat feet are causing you pain or discomfort, don’t hesitate to seek out help with the team at Garden State Foot & Ankle Specialists. 

How do you diagnose flat feet?

The team of podiatrists at Garden State Foot & Ankle Specialists first offer a comprehensive evaluation of your feet. During this visit, your doctor thoroughly examines your feet while you walk and stand. 

If your pain is severe and debilitating, your doctor may opt for further imaging tests to better understand and diagnose what factors are at play. This allows them to better personalize your treatment plan going forward. 

What is the treatment for flat foot? 

The main determining factor in developing your customized treatment plan is assessing how severe your pain is from flat feet. In most cases, the team at Garden State Foot & Ankle Specialists can treat flat feet pain with a combination of lifestyle modifications and non-surgical methods, such as physical therapy, orthotics, and stretching exercises. 

However, in more serious cases, you may need to undergo surgery. This involves a flat foot reconstruction procedure to repair the arch of your foot. The team uses minimally invasive techniques to perform flat foot reconstruction with shorter operative time and quicker healing periods.

If flat feet are causing you pain, call the office nearest you or book an appointment online with the skilled podiatrists at Garden State Foot & Ankle Specialists today.