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Tendonitis Specialist

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Tendonitis is the reason for 70,000 missed days of work every year in America. Inflammation usually causes tendonitis and other kinds of tendon injury, and tendonitis usually gets worse without treatment. If you’re having recurring foot or ankle pain, reach out to Garden State Foot & Ankle Specialists in Plainfield, Scotch Plains, Springfield, or Linden, New Jersey, for help today. You can schedule an appointment online or over the phone.

Tendonitis Q & A

What is tendonitis?

Tendonitis is inflammation within one of your tendons, the tough yet flexible tissue bands that join muscle to bone. Tendonitis is one of the most common reasons for foot and ankle pain. In most cases, tendonitis develops because of overuse. Other possible causes include improper warm-up before physical activity or improper form while exercising. 

There are several common types of tendonitis affecting the foot and ankle, including:

Achilles tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis affects the Achilles tendon that joins your lower leg muscles to your heel. This tendon runs down the back of your heel.

Posterior tibial tendonitis

Posterior tibial tendonitis affects the posterior tibial tendon that joins your lower leg muscle to the bones of your inner foot. 

Peroneal tendonitis

Peroneal tendonitis affects either of the peroneal tendons. One of your peroneal tendons is on the outer part of your midfoot, and the other goes under your foot to attach to a bone in the middle part of your arch. 

Flexor tendonitis

Flexor tendonitis affects the tendons attached to the lower leg muscles, called the flexor digitorum longus and the flexor hallucis longus. These tendons help you move your toes. 

No matter where the tendonitis occurs, it's a serious problem that could grow worse if you don't seek treatment. 

How can I tell if I have tendonitis?

Tendonitis usually causes a dull ache in your foot or ankle. You could experience increasing pain as the condition worsens, possibly including sharp, burning, or radiating pain anywhere in your foot or ankle. Tendonitis can also cause:

  • Stiffness
  • Warmth
  • Swelling
  • Foot or ankle weakness
  • Tenderness

Garden State Foot & Ankle Specialists can diagnose tendonitis and get you on track for rapid recovery.

What is the most effective tendonitis treatment?

The Garden State Foot & Ankle Specialists team focuses on relieving the underlying cause of tendonitis, the inflammation. If you have mild tendonitis, the team usually recommends conservative approaches such as new footwear, custom orthotics, or custom braces.

If you have severe tendonitis, the team may recommend corticosteroid or other injections to reduce your inflammation and relieve your pain. If injections aren’t helpful, you could need minimally invasive surgery to remove scar tissue from your tendon.

Garden State Foot & Ankle Specialists can help you get relief from tendonitis using noninvasive treatments, click the online booking tool or call the office nearest you to schedule now.